ALPHA KAPPA RHO

         ALPHA KAPPA RHO Service Fraternity and Sorority exist to create a bridge so many weaknesses joining together will form one solid strength. Our organization was founded by senior founding fathers (in alphabetical order) Brods Teddy Aves, Phillip Balange, Tanny Bernabe, James Bracwel, Manuel"BOY"Chua, Phillip Diman, Renato GO, Teddy de Lara, Arnel Lorenzo, Noli Manalo, Obet Posadas, Vismarck Quequep, Monchet Cabrera, Roger Sarmiento and Edwin Solano on August 8, 1973. The junior founders, Brods Jun Pasaporte and William Ho founded the juniors in 1975 at the University of the East along with senior founding sorority sisters, Sis Marissa Comuyog, Alda Altiveros, Grace Mendoza, JJ Aquino(deceased), Joy Mercado, Irene Ileto, Girlie, Susan, Tepi of UST in 1975. The seed of the organization has been planted and need became clear for a formal structure to contain the mutual feelings among members.

ALPHA KAPPA RHO ( AKRHO )service fraternity and sorority has always been and always will be an organization steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to pursuit of humanitarian brotherhood and sisterhood. The organization is made up of men and woman from all cultures, religious backgrounds and interests; it has spread through out the archipelago and through out the world. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, creed, political beliefs, sexual preference, etc. We maintain loyalty, and unity, while we strive for patience, perseverance and pride. The organization was registered with the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION as and non-profit and non-dividend corporation. The ALPHA KAPPA RHO was the first  HUMANITARIAN Organization to be chartered independent from its mother country. 


We,the member of ALPHA KAPPA RHO condoles the need of establishing and embody our ideas, promotes our welfare, develop and conserve the spirit and practice of a good
citizenship in accordance with new society,establish a closer relationship between the students of different schools throughout the world, secure our selves the solemn and humiliation of goodness and equality of a lasting unity and cooperation do hereby adopt,promulgate and dedicate this constitution. 


FoundersAKP Founding Fathers University of Sto.Tomas (1973)Bro. Teddy AvesBro. Philip BalangueBro. Tanny BernabeBro. James BracewellBro. Jose ChuaBro. Philip DimanBro. Renato GoBro. Teddy De LaraBro. Arnel Lim LorenzoBro. Noli ManaloBro. Obet PosadasBro. Bismark QuequepBro. Monchet CabreraBro. Roger SarmientoBro. Edwin Solano

Junior AKP Founders University of the East (1975)Bro. Jun PasaporteBro. William Ho

Sorority Founding Sisters University of Sto.Tomas (1975)Sis. Marisa ComuyogSis. Alda AltiverosSis. Girlie TanSis. Grace MendozaSis. Joy MercadoSis. Jenny Aquino (deceased)Sis. Irene IletoSis. Susan AndersonSis. Tepi De la TorreAKP - Alpha Kappa Rho

The Official Seal of Alpha Kappa Rho.MottoI was Born, I Live, and I Die as a Great AKRHO FoundedAugust 8, 1973 at University of Santo Tomas , España St., Manila, PhilippinesFraternity typeServiceScopeInternationalHeadquarters1320 Marlboro st. East Fairview Quezon City, Metro Manila, PhilippinesChapters762 Active in the Philippines ch(of 953 apters)Cardinal PrinciplesVincit, Omnia Veritas (Truth Conquers All Things)HomepageWestern New England College's chapter (Alpha Kappa Rho) of the national history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta.


The BETA SIGMA chapter Barobo Surigao del sur was founded on october 12,2003 with the help of the agusan council brod Edu Yao as acting chairman of the council.Alpha Kappa Rho Barobo organizer Brod Argie Delamente,brod Jude Ubiztondo,and brod Jeffrey Ana.This chapter initiate noble project that will help the community development and the organization


A-Alive we shall keep the burning fire of our brotherhood

L-Love is one strength

P-Power still posses

H-Honor we shall give to our fraternity

A-Allegiance we pledge

K-Keep and preserve the good name of the organization

A-Always we shall defend the name of the fraternity

P-Powerful and influential we shall be

P-Purity shall be the policy

A-Aid and assistance shall be given to our brothers

R-Reputation we promise to keep attained

H-Humble and human shall be

O-Onward to process success still our own struggle with victory and glory


  1. proud to be SKEPTRON !! Long live !! AKP !!

  2. proud to be SKEPTRON !! Long live !! AKP !!

  3. Long Live mga Brod and sis! We shall keep the burning fire ALIVE

  4. Always be SKEPTRON.long live....

  5. Always be SKEPTRON.long live....

  6. Long live alpha kappa rho. Mabuhay tayong lahat...

  7. Long live alpha kappa rho. Mabuhay tayong lahat...

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  9. Long live phi mu chapter oponganon council

  10. Long live Alpha Kappa Rho !!! From Sabang Chapter. Naga city Camarines Sur